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Meal Deals


Feeding The Family? Cut The Cost By Ordering A Family Meal Deal!

Deal 1

2x 6oz Small Haddock & Chips

2x Kids Meals

2x Small Sides

2x Cup Drinks


Deal 2

2x 8oz Medium Haddock & Chips

2x Kids Meals

4x Small Sides

2x Cans (Not Monster)

2x Cup Drinks


Sides Included Are Mushy Peas, Gravy, Chip Shop Curry, Irish Curry, Chinese Curry or Veg Curry

Kids Meal Choices (includes chips)

1x Sausage

4x Fish Fingers

6x Chicken Nuggets

1x Breaded Fishcake

4x Mac & Cheese Bites

5x Mini Mozzarella Sticks

3x Pizza fingers

4x Cheese Rings



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